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Welcome to the Grow it Now! family. We are dedicated to providing a better way to garden. The inventor of our product is a local engineer and avid gardener who became tired of products that could not protect his plants from the harsh rocky mountain seasons. In response he developed the Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouse (plant protector) system. This new weather resistant, greenhouse system provides your plants with protection from frost, wind, hail, snow, and temperature fluctuations. In addition the system is easy to use and can be cleaned and reused year after year. Additionally, to better control the soil and growing conditions we often use raised bed gardening. We discovered that the joint connection and durability of brackets was the most common problem among current raised bed systems on the market. From this we designed a series of brackets that eliminates these common problems – and the Smart Bed line of products was born.


A Letter From the Inventor


“As an inventor and avid gardener in Southeast, Idaho, I look for better ways to protect my plants against the unpredictable weather. I used plant protectors that are currently available on the market and was not satisfied with their performance.

"I was looking for product that would extend my growing season, wouldn’t blow away or collapse under a snow load, provided protection from elements, and is easy to use and store. I designed a few prototypes that eventually led me to the design of the Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouse.

"This protector is made of a durable plastic that will provide years of use. Along with its patent pending design allowing for easy access to the plant weathering and ventilation, the Grow it Now! design also features cutouts for using a drip line, anchor tabs on the bottom for staking the mini greenhouse for individual plants to the ground, and easy disassembly for flat storage at the end of the season.

"Living in Eastern Idaho we are constantly battling the weather to get our gardens planted on time. This protector has allowed me to plant my cold-hardy vegetables months before my previous planting times, and to accelerate the growth of the warm weather vegetables. They have sustained multiple snows, heavy wind gusts and pelting rain and hail. Last year, I planted my cold-hardy vegetables April 1st and started harvesting the first part of June. Planting early has also enabled me to grow organically without the use of insecticides.

"If you understand plants and you understand your growing season, this protector will allow you to plant earlier, harvest sooner, and extend your season."

– Leo Castagno


Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses (Plant Protectors) are the superior alternative to expensive high tunnels and greenhouses. Helping you be the first and last to harvest – giving you bragging rights with your friends and neighbors. Helping you produce hearty and healthier plants.

Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouse (Plant Protector) Product Information

Product Description
1. Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouse (Plant Protector) is a polyethylene dome that is designed to hold up against heavy winds and destructive frosts.
2.The large Mini Greenhouse closed are 18 inches high with a base diameter of 15 inches.
3.The small Mini Greenhouse closed are 11 inches high with a base diameter of 10 inches.
4.The Mini Greenhouse top is designed for easy opening with a patent pending interlocking design.
5. The bottom of the Mini Greenhouses are equipped with 4 tabs allowing for easy anchoring.
6. The Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses are easily disassembled and cleaned at the end of the growing season. If the Mini Greenhouse are properly taken care of and stored inside during the off-season it can last for many years.
7. Two large Mini Greenhouses can snap together to create one large Mini Greenhouse. This can be used in the fall to protect mature plants against the late season frosts – providing for an increased growing season.

1. Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses are easily installed over plants by one person and protects them from wind, now, and low seasonal temperatures.
2. No more messy, dirty water cells to fill and maintain.
3. Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses are the largest plant protection system available allowing you to plant taller, more mature plants earlier in the season.
4. Cleanup is a breeze; simple spray it off with a water hose at the end of the season and store somewhere out of direct sun exposure to use again next year.