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Growth in Snow April 27, 2012

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How to Protect Plants from Snow and Hail

We got a skiff of snow temperatures were down to 30 degrees during the day.

How to plant peppers

Here is a picture of 4 test peppers plants. I planted these on April 20, 2012. Six weeks before our average last frost date. 

These plants had a few leaves that were bit but the plants recovered quickly.

How to protect peppers from frost and snow?

You can see I had 3 sandwhich bags filled with water inside the protector. This acted as a heat sink, soaking in heat and energy during the day and releasing it into the protectors as the temperature dropped. This is a Jalapeno pepper plant it is the only plant that I had the water bags in. The other three plants had 3-5 leaves die but this one only had one leaf die.