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Growth Update May 14, 2012

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My garden has grown leaps and bounds this past week. Our heads of Broccoli and Cauliflower continue to grow nicely. My Pepper plants that were planted on April 20, 2012 continue to show nice new growth. My Pepper plants and Tomato Plants that were planted on April 28, 2012 are coming along very nicely, and my Tomato and Pepper Plants that were planted 6 days ago are doing extremely well. The average temperature at night this last week has been in the low 30s to upper 20s. Our coldest night was 26 degrees and our warmest night was 43 degrees. This past week has been relatively warm, our average highs have been in the low 70s. The Plant Protectors have assisted nicely in the growth and protection of my Tomatoes and Peppers. Enjoy the Pictures.

This tomato plant was planted in the Ground on April 28, 2012 on May 6, 2012 the night time temperature dropped down to 26 degrees. This plant did very well and only showed slight distress from cold. The key to protecting warm weather plants with the Grow it Now! Plant Protection System is to be aware of planting conditions. Do not plant until the day time temperatures are such that allow the soil to warm up so that when the temperature drops at night the soil will release its heat and keep the plant warm inside the Grow it Now! Plant Protector.Protect Plants from frost

This Jalapeno Pepper Plant was put in the ground April 20, 2012. It is showing nice new growth. It was a little early for putting it out. But it has held up very nicely. My recommendation is to leave your plants in under the lights a little longer. For our area zone 4 I think 3 weeks before the average last frost is the optimal time to put your warm weather plants in the ground. Your Cold Hardy plants can go in as soon as the soil can be worked.

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Here is a picture of my whole garden. All of the plants under the protectors are my tomatoes and peppers. My cold-hardy plants are in the distance. My tomatoes and peppers were planted from April 20, 2012 to May 6, 2012. The green plants to the left center are my sugar snap peas.

The Grow it Now! Plant Protector Garden

Here is a picture of my cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts and Lettuce. We have been harvesting our lettuce every night for our dinner salads. My Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli are beginning to form heads and I should be harvesting my cauliflower and broccoli in a couple of weeks.

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My broccoli plant has a 2" head already and it is only May 14. For our area most people are just starting their cold-hardy plants, and they are waiting for another 3-5 weeks to start their warm weather vegetables.

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Here is a picture of one of my cauliflower plants this is a 2" cauliflower head starting to form.Cauliflower Plant