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History Of The Greenhouse


In 30 A.D emperor Tiberius was warned that he must eat a cucumber every day for his health. To help the ruler conform to his royal physicians request, a house dedicated to growing plants was constructed. Fires were placed, and always lit, around the outside of the structure, to heat the air. From thin sheets of mica a translucent roof was added to allow sunlight to pass inside the new structure. Little did ruler Tiberius know that this would be the concept used for greenhouses for thousands of years. 

During the thirteenth century, more modernized greenhouses were built in Italy. These houses were built to store exotic plants that were brought back from topical lands explorers visited. These greenhouses were known as giardini botanici, translated to mean botanical gardens. During this time, many botanical gardens lacked the technology to ensure climate control, and oftentimes the temperate fluctuated. 

No matter the time, the basic principles of the greenhouse have been the same: radiation from the sun enters through a transparent covering and is absorbed by the plant inside the structure. The radiation warms the air trapped inside and growth is promoted for the plant.


Modern materials and advanced technology have now made the benefits of greenhouses available to everyone. But that doesn't mean that all greenhouses are equal.

Avid gardner and inventor, Leo Castagno, was looking for a better way to protect his plants again unpredictable weather. While on a budget, he found that the products on the market didn't satisfy his performance requirements. Some of which included: extension of the growing season, durable enough to not blow away or collapse under snow, protect plants from the elements, and that were easy to use and store. Leo took matters into his own hands and started developing prototypes for the Grow It Now! plant protectors.


Grow It Now! plant protectors and mini greenhouses are made from durable plastic which can be reused year after year, saving customers thousands of dollars. Special features in these products not seen other places include: easy access to the plant for ventilation and watering, cutouts for using a drip line, anchor tabs for staking the protector to the ground, and easy disassembly for plat storage at the end of the season. Additionally, ten large plant protectors from Grow It Now! can grow as much product as a $300 greenhouse! That's a savings of $250! 

If you want to plant earlier, harvest sooner, and extend your growing season, try out the plant protectors from Grow It Now!. Want to learn more about how the mini greenhouses work? Click the "How To Use" section above.