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How To Use Mini Greenhouses

How To Use Mini Greenhouses

Greenhouses have been trusted since the Roman empire. Today, you can gain the benefits of an expensive, full sized greenhouse for a fraction of the cost and space. (Ten of our large mini greenhouses for about $50 can grow as much product as a $300 full greenhouse) You'll be able to protect your plants from harsh weather conditions and grow larger, more fruitful plants without changing your routine.  

The Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses are so easy to use, anyone can put them together! Once your purchased package has arrived, you will find everything you need. Inside the package you will find the base of the Mini Greenhouse, a rigid sheet of durable plastic made from 50% recycled material. 


To construct a mini greenhouse, simply insert the plastic tabs on the side  into correlating groves, creating a tube.

2.png 3.png

Once the tube is constructed, fold down plastic at the top and connect plastic hooks. 

4.png 6.png

Your Mini Greenhouse is now ready to use!

Place the Mini Greenhouse on top of the plant which you wish to protect, with the plant centered inside of the Mini Greenhouse. If drip irrigation is in place, specialized slots are located at the bottom of the product to easily accommodate your watering system. Next, fold down the tabs located at the base of the Mini Greenhouse. You will notice holes centered in the middle of the tabs you just folded, insert stakes into these holes to ensure even harsh winds will not move your product. For extra security, pile soil two to three inches thick around the base of the Mini Greenhouse. The dirt will act as a barrier to stop air and bugs from entering at the bottom of the mini greenhouse. Now, you're ready to grow healthier, more protected plants! 

Benefits Of Grow It Now! Mini Greenhouses:

  • Plants enjoy warm conditions inside Mini Greenhouse, stimulating growth
  • Protection from snow and harsh winds 
  • Extra protection again insects, rodents, and other pests.