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Mini Greenhouse FAQ

What are the Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses?

The Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses are the largest plant protector on the market. It is a polyethylene dome that is designed to protect your plant during the first few months of its growing season against strong wind, light frost, and low temperatures. It allows the gardener to plant earlier, harvest sooner, and extend the growing season.


How many Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses should I buy?

This depends on how ambitious you are. If you purchase nine 18" Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses it will cover an area of plants equivalent to a $300.00 greenhouse. If you purchase sixteen 11" Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses that will cover the same area. We recommend using the Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses over each of your plants in the garden.


What size mini greenhouse should I use on my plants?

When to use the 18": If you are starting your plants in the ground early and you are going to see significant growth of the plant before it is time to remove the protectors. 

*Tip: If your plants are still small when you plant, you can place a small protector over the plant and then a Large protector over that. This extra layer will enhance the greenhouse effect on the plant, giving added protection and greater warmth

When to use the 11": If you are starting later in the season with smaller plants. Or when starting with small plants you can use the small protector and upgrade to large protector when the plant outgrows the small protector.

How hard is it to use?

It is as simple as 1, 2, 3: 1) Lock the three tabs together. 2) Bend tabs up, place over plant and secure with small metal stakes. 3) Mound dirt 3–4 inches up the side of the Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses (this is key in having increased temperatures inside the dome during the night).  And you're done. It has an easy open top that can be closed at night and opened during hot days and for watering.


How long will they last?

The life of the Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouse depends on use and care. If it is only used during the first few months of growing and is properly stored during the winter it will last many growing seasons. Conversly, if it is used all growing season and left out in the snow and sun all winter long it won’t last more than 3 seasons.

How do I store the Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouse

The Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses are designed to come apart easily and store flat. They have small holes on the tabs for staking it to the ground, which can be used to hang the unit on a nail in the garage. It cleans easily at the end of the season – you just spray it off with the hose and put it in storage.


What kind of temperature increases can I expect inside the dome?

Tests have shown an average of 5–7 degrees warmer inside during the night and 15–20 degrees warmer during the day.


What happens if it gets to hot outside? Will my plant cook?

The Grow it Now! Mini Greenhouses are designed with an easy open interlocking top.  This allows the gardner to open the top during the heat of the day.