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Plant Protectors and Frost Protection

As a Master Gardener in Southeast Idaho, Leo found that is was very hard to predict when the last frost would hit. He experimented with all types of frost protectors to try and combat this problem but found that they had a number of critical flaws:

-They weren’t tall enough to protect the tops of the larger plants

-They were so flimsy that they didn’t hold up to wind or snow

-They didn’t accommodate all types of plants.

He went to the drawing board and patented the first frost protector that finally met all of any gardener's requirements. The GrowitNow! Plant Protector was born!

The GrowitNow! Mini Greenhouse has become a sensation because it is perfect for when that pesky unexpected frost (or snow) shows up out of the blue. It is a superior plant protector that protects plants from frost, pests, snow, wind, and more. Built to last numerous seasons, they fold flat for off-season storage, and assembly is a breeze! Just fasten the ends together, place over your plant, secure with garden staples, and enjoy a worry-free garden!

The Mini Greenhouse Plant Protectors are built to accommodate drip irrigation lines to help reduce water waste, as well as prevent the weed growth that comes from over-watering. 

The GrowitNow! Mini Greenhouse is the best way to get greenhouse results without the greenhouse costs. Try a set for yourself, we know you'll be impressed!