It’s Time to Start Your Seedlings! 7 March 2020

Since designing the GrowitNow! Plant Protector, I have started my hardy seeds (cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spinach) at the end of February.  I grow them under lights.  My goal is to start planting them outside the first week of April.  I protect my plants with the GrowitNow! Plant Protectors and keep an eye on the temperature forecast.  If the temperature gets below 20-25 degrees, I will add a towel or tarp over the covers to provide extra protection from the severe frost.

It is better and easier to plant in the early spring and protect your plants from and occasional frost than to protect a larger plant in the fall.  By planting early, I’m harvesting before the bugs attack my plants.  I’ve never needed to use pesticides.  Traditional end of May planting needs to be ignored. Plant earlier in the season using plant protection.

Leo Castagno, Owner (208-356-3263)