Why dripper hose is the best way to irrigate 💧

This is a simple topic, so we will keep the post simple too!

Dripper hose pro’s:

-Ease of use-just set a timer and don’t worry about turning the water on and off

-Consistent watering-the plants in each row will get the same amount of water

-You can turn off the valves of some rows if you want to focus the water on other rows whose plants have higher water needs!

-Conservative water usage-it drips where the water is needed, and doesn’t where it’s not

-If you don’t water weeds, they don’t grow! Broadcast sprayers get everything, so weeding becomes a big time sucker every day. We don’t weed nearly as much with dripper hose!


Dripper hose con’s:

-Need space to store the hose

-Depending on the size of garden, it takes up to a couple hours to set up your dripper hose rows


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