Why you should plant your peppers and tomatoes DEEP 🍅

The other day in our garden we got busy planting a few varieties of our pepper starts. Leo dug pretty deep holes, about 6-8″, added some liquid Miracle Gro, put our peppers in, and surrounded them with the fertilized mud. They are going to love all that fertilizer at the start of their in-ground growing season!

These two plants are very cool because you can remove the bottoms leaves and plant the whole thing deeper in the soil and those nodes where the leaves were will just grow more roots, which will aid in more powerfull roots! This will in-turn add to a stronger plant and better veggies.

Doing this will also help your plant not be so tall and leggy, instead it will be a little shorter and stronger so that it can support the weight of the fruit better.

If you want more information about this head to our instagram @growitnowand watch our video on this topic from Saturday, May 15th, 2021.

Good luck with your pepper and tomato planting!



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