36 inch Giant Plant Protector


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Protect your plants from late frosts, and accelerate their growth with a Giant Size Mini Greenhouse! These Giant units are large enough to fit around a tomato cage and are helpful for when you need another week or two before harvest at the end of the season but are worried about early frosts that could come and ruin your corp.

Just buckle the panels together and surround your plant with these for phenomenal protection against the elements.

This Plant Protector is a polyethylene dome designed to hold up against heavy winds and destructive frosts. Can be used in tandem with drip lines. Use garden staples to prevent winds from sending your protectors into your neighbor’s yard.

Simply place around the plant, secure, and mound up dirt around the perimeter to create a good seal. Then just close the tops when it gets chilly and open them during warmer times.

The Mini Greenhouses allow UV penetration to promote growth and increase temperatures inside the unit.

Other Details

  • Made from 50% post consumer recycled plastic
  • Size 34 inches high with a base diameter of 24 inches
  • Sold individually.
  • Comes with 4 panels that easily snap together; the tops overlap and opposite ends interlock with each other to provide a closed top during cold times.

Additional information

Weight 6.00 lbs
Dimensions 2.00 × 24.00 × 36.00 in


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