Aqua Dome Plant Protector (Set of 2)

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Protect your plants with the Aqua Dome™ — your garden protector! It’s a one piece, rigid translucent plastic, double walled, water insulated dome to cover your plants and protect them from the harshness of weather year around. It is large enough to fit around most young plants.

It measures 16 inches in height, 13½ inches in diameter at the base and has a 5¾ inch diameter at the top. Just place this lightweight, self-standing dome over the plant and fill the chamber with water.

It’s that easy. No mess. No fuss.

The Aqua Dome™ is easy to move even when filled with water. It has rigid walls and will not collapse on your plant. It is stackable for easy storage.

The translucent plastic transmits 70% to 75% of the diffused sunlight which encourages lush green growth. The water insulation absorbs the warmth from the sun during the day, then releases the heat during the cool of the night to keep the plants from freezing. The two walls of plastic, comprising the water chamber, provide 10 times the insulating effect of a single wall.

Extend your growing season, protect your plants year around and enjoy the fruits of a bigger harvest, not only in number but in size and quality.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 24 × 15 in

2 reviews for Aqua Dome Plant Protector (Set of 2)

  1. Connie Mehmel

    Aqua Domes are definitely worth the price: easy to use, long lasting, and very effective. However, after several years they begin to yellow and crack. When not in use, store them out of the sun for longer life.


      Thank you for your comment Connie. Yes, please store any plant protector out of the sun when not in use. Thank you.

  2. Madelle Friess

    I have been using `14 of your aqua domes for at least 15 years or longer. They are still in good shape and provide extra temperature protection to my tomatoes when we will have nights around freezing in May. Thank you for an excellent product.


      Madelle thank you so much for leaving this review! We are so glad that you have used our products for so long and that you love them so much! Good luck with your growing season!

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